About HYB Hotels

The best beach & family hotels in Balearic Islands

HYB Hotels is a new hotel chain founded in April 2015 by two Mallorcan families. HYB Hotels has two establishments, one of them in Calas de Mallorca, Mallorca, destined for a family audience, and another one in Cales Piques, Menorca, focused on a familiar audience as well as couples.

Currently, our hotel chain is in the process of expansion, with the aim goal of bringing its customers closer to new destinations, without neglecting our quality standards, which make the guests' stay a unique experience to treasure in memory.

The philosophy of HYB Hotels is based on being the customer, where human capital becomes relevant along with technological innovation and care of details, translate into comfort, quality and professionalism in all the services offered in the hotel chains.

What makes us special:

- We are committed to quality.

- Orientation to our customers.

- Location by the sea.

- Animation service for all ages.

- Multilingual service 24/7.


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  • Sun and beach holidays
  • Family-friendly resorts
  • Entertainment
  • Client Service
  • Outdoor facilities

    HyB Hotels in Balearic Islands